Season Guide

This is going to be a very quick guide on what is the best way to start each season and get to level 70 as quick as you can to start getting your 6pc set for your class.

When a new season what you need to do is first create(rebirth) a seasonal class of your choice and apply a pet to auto pick up gold then make a new game on single player adventure mode. Once you have entered the game steel one of the 3 followers weapon to have a huge damage from level 1. Once you have gotten one of your followers weapon leave game and start your challange rift. The reason why we need to complete a challange straight away is because it gives a big boost in items and shards. below is what you actually get in the Cache;

As you can see you get a good amount of basic items to help your character get to level 70, but what do you do with all the items? Well the 1st thing to do is get all 3 artisans to level 12 so you don't have to worry about always leveling them as you level and gather gold. The blood shards you get is also pretty important as well as you can gamble them at level and get a power legendary item to make leveling that much easier. Below is a what you can get at level 1 for all classes

As you can see you can get all the items that will very much help you thru the leveling process. I would recommend that you try to get an item that will boost you damage output, here is the items you will need to boost your damage

  • Barb- Braces of the First Men

  • Sada- Gabriel's Vambraces

  • DH- Hellcat Waistguards

  • Monk- Cesar's Memento

  • Necro Grasps of Essence

  • WD- Gazing Demise

  • Wiz- Leroics Signet

One you have obtained one of the following items you need to cube it so that you got the max % of the damage multiplier and so that you don't gimp your stats keeping that item till level 70.

After this go kill either Kulle or Mahgda on Master get your 1st yellow items to give you a huge boost in stats. From here you can do one of two things, finish Act 2 bounties to get Cains set for leveling after level 22. If you were lucky to get the plans for Cains set do rifts until level 22 and craft the set ready for your Halls of Agony runs. DON'T DO A FULL SET OF BOUNTIES UNTIL LEVEL 70!. The reason why is because you need to learn 5 jeweler plans to get the final set bag and they don't drop until you reach level 70.

Once you hit around level 40-44 craft a level 70 two handed weapon and roll reduce level requirment as low as you can get it here is an example of what you need to craft

Take close look at the Secondary stats you will need to have Freeze on Hit on the last one to be able to roll the reduce level on the weapon without wasting mats. We need to roll kills grant off the weapon as it only gives us 3 possible rolls like so;

If you don't get Level Reduce stat 3 times craft another weapon and try again. The reason why we do that is because it costs too much gold and it's a waste. Below is an example of the ideal weapon you will use all the way to level 70;

Once you are able to use the level 70 raise it to Master + and start only running Halls of Agony level 3 until you reach level 70 pickup all drops on the way.