Judgment Crafting Guide

Here is a little guide on how to gather the mats needed for judgment crafting without breaking the bank. To gather Light of Judge and Earth Essence you will need to run OT X

This floor drops Judgment Equipment boxes, Dark Pegasus Equipment boxes and Twilight Equipment boxes, would recommend that you sell the Twilight Equipment boxes and use the gold to buy the Enchant Stones to Enchant Judgment Gear. Open the Judgment and Dark Pegasus Equipment boxes to gather Light of Judge and Earth Essence.

Next is to easy collect gold coins which can be obtained easily running Tomb of Immortals ID 130 and all the African TBS missions including Zulu area.

Next is to Gather the 3 remaining mats Corrupted Unicorn Tears, Oriharukon and Anarchy Stones. The best area to start gathering mat is to go to Transcendent Temple located in Southwest Asia area.

Grinding in this area will fast fill you Jackpot Challange with all the mats needed minus Corrupted Unicorn Tears those can be obtained by doing a few a battles fight in Tartarus Laboratory on the Garden Floor which is the 1st floor in the dungeon area.

after a while when you build you Jackpot Challange which will look like this;


The items that I have circled red is the items that you need to craft Judgment Gear, would grind for a full day and Jackpot one of them and the other day the other.

Doing this will help you gear up to be able to do high level content without ever having to buy mats from the market or use Item Mall to get gold to buy the gear outright.