To be able to farm this floor and gain exp to level your mercs and main up follow this tutorial.



  • House
  • Cook
  • Level 17 insight for basic Dinner Table
  • Elementalist and Guan Yu
  • Level 145
  • 200,000,000 gold

Once you have meet the requirments its time too look at the gear needed to be able to farm. Below is a screen shot of the Gear I used to start farming this floor;

The weapons i have used are the Dark Crystal ones which now is mailed apon questing and being in the same party as your Mentor. I have tested that you only need a min of +6's on both to be able to start farming the floor.

Buff and Items needed

  • Nouvelle Cuisine Feast
  • Unity Feast
  • Double Candy Buffs (Friendship and Love)
  • Any Title you have ( I used the one what you get reaching lvl 100 Journeyman Power +10%, Defense +5%, EXP +5%)
  • Perimeter License

Once you have Held both the feasts applied candy buff and Perimeter License is time to enter Floor number 10.


Need to have Ele and Guan in slots 8 and 9 to help speed up fights as shown in the video below. Also make sure that Blazing Earth and Green Dragon Glaive is both set to "Q" key so that you can just right click the mobs to use their magic skill. If they are not press "Alt + K" to bring up the skills windows, Click on the Magic Tab then select Merc on the left hand side of the tab then hit Change Shortcut Keys and use the drop down menu to change the Skills around to both magic attacks are set to "Q" then click on save changes


Basic Strat Click Melee mob, skip turn using "`" key which is left of 1, select ele during mob phase and spam right click on mobs as shown in the video. The two mobs that you will be clicking on is shown below;













If you have followed my guide you will be able to Farm OT floor 10 and start your journy to the end game.